What make us different

Jewel Cosmos showcases a heart throbbing variety of hand-crafted Silver Jewellery designs for women. Buy Handmade Eye-Grabbing Silver Necklaces, EarringsRingsNose Rings and different Silver Ornaments Online. Pick from 925 silver extraordinary captivating designs of Indian silver bijoux, current silver jewellery, and antique silver accessories. 

These awesome portions bring more than one inspirations, such as the tribes of our Country (India) and our itinerant, adventurous lives. Structured in traditional and ethnic designs, as is hand made with care and a few portions are adorned with colorful stones like AgateAmethystPearlsLazuliGarnet, Jasper and more.


  • Expert craftsmanship: We strive to deliver high-quality silver jewellery that is expertly crafted by master artisans and industry veterans.
  • By producing in a small batch, we leave the planet in a healthier and more sustainable state for future generations.


  • We continually review our product line to ensure that you never fall out of trend and that you can count on us as your jewellery partner for life. Every piece of our jewellery is designed to reflect the emotions and stories of the wearer.
  • Jewel Cosmosalways maintains the highest standards of quality when it comes to its products. A meticulous amount of care is put into the creation of each piece of jewellery. The product undergoes a thorough quality control check and is then certified.

Our Vision

  • We provide the world with an exquisitely designed jewellery portfolio that anticipates and fulfills people’s needs and desires.
  • The mission of our organization is to create value & purpose in the lives of our artisans and team members by running our business extremely well.
  • By utilizing a transparent production process, we can leave the planet in a better condition for future generations.

Jewel Cosmos brings to you a glowing online silver jewellery store presenting a group of hand made silver earrings manufactured from shimmering silver and gold-plated silver base. This awesome variety provides barely of glamor to an ethnic or western ensemble.

Since ancient times, silver has been used in jewellery design in the same way as gold. Jewellery made of silver has played an essential role in bridal wear in India, be it anklets, earrings, or toe rings. It was considered high-class to have silverware in a house. Silver spoons were associated with privileged families. There are idols, silver lamps, and other pooja items made from this precious metal in India. Gifts made of silver or silver-toned metal make perfect gifts for all occasions.

As is likewise a super accompaniment to each current and ethnic ensembles, including a completely unique attraction to the character of the wearer. Both, carrying earrings and consequently the sacred repute of silver, have an uninterrupted records of lots of years in India. it is our enterprise to give an outsized variety of conventional, quality silver jewelry and present day silver earrings from throughout India. With their particular inspirations, motifs and techniques, our series of hand made silver earrings is for exploring unchartered seas!

Every day, Visit us to induce a substitute story. we do not named them sales. We are storytellers; about top-notch products, and for the human beings at the back of them. 

The Jewel Cosmos online store was founded with the vision of providing authentic, elegant, and affordable jewellery online.

What make us different


It is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. Negativity is eliminated and transformed as it cleanses and stabilises the aura. Agate improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities.

In addition to calming and soothing, it creates a sense of security and safety by healing inner anger or tension.

The effects of agate include healing of the eyes, stomach and uterus, cleansing of the lymphatic system, strengthening of the blood vessels and healing skin illnesses.


Amethyst dispels bad thoughts and sharpens the intelligence. Europe and Asia have used amethyst as an ornament for over 5 000 years. Additionally, amethyst was believed to be a powerful antidote against drunkenness, and even today, it represents sobriety. Even today, amethyst cups are used to serve ceremonial wines.


Traditionally, lapis lazuli is believed to aid the process of learning by strengthening the desire for truth, knowledge, and understanding. In addition to developing your intuition, lapis lazuli amplifies and expands your psychic visions and clairvoyance abilities. The name lapis is derived from the Latin lapis, which means “stone,” and the Persian lazhuward, which means “blue.”


As a gemstone, garnet is beneficial for balancing and activating the Root Chakra, cleansing the body, and maintaining a healthy heart. Protection and manifestation are the properties of garnet. Negativity and evil thoughts are kept at bay by wearing it. Love and relationships are said to be blessed by it since it induces passion, fire, energy, and stability. It reduces the risk of haemorrhaging and inflammation while increasing haemoglobin levels.


Jasper is known as the “ultimate nurturer”. During times of stress, it provides a sense of peace, tranquillity, and wholeness.
Radiation and electromagnetic pollution are cleared by Jasper.

Additionally, it enhances quick thinking and organizational skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • Shopping with Trust: – With an emphasis on complexity with use, tradition with sophistication, design with value, transparency with fantastic customer experience, and 100% of the jewellery offered at jewelcosmos.com being BIS hallmarked and certifiedjewelcosmos.com is India’s top fine jewellery shopping destination.
  • Best Rates: – jewelcosmos.com strives to offer jewellery at the most competitive prices compared to other online and traditonal jewellery stores. We pass the savings on to you by cutting out the middlemen and buying precious stones straight from significant wholesalers.
  • The Edge of Design: – With decades of combined expertise in the jewellery industry, our skilled design and manufacturing teams keep current with changing customer tastes and fashion trends.

Each item of jewellery is designed with you in mind. We strive diligently to provide you a wide selection of eye-catching silver jewellery that helps you stand out at any special life event of yours .

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